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Our Group

We strive to be a group that is respectful and inclusive in order to overcome the barriers that stifle progress and creativity in the scientific community.

In maintaining this goal, we hope to foster a diverse group of scientists fully capable of overcoming the challenges of chemical problems. It is by working together with our varying knowledge and experiences that we can move forward as pioneers in our field of study.


Here's the group April 1st, 2022!
Left to Right: Ethan, Dylan, Chase, Pamodya, Victoria, Kallan, Matt


Ethan Hill

ethan.hill 'at'

Office: CB372

Phone: 334-844-5575

Assistant Professor: Auburn University 2020-present

Postdoc: University of Chicago 2016-2020

Ph.D.: University of California-Irvine 2011-2016

B.S.: Colorado State University 2007-2011

Ethan grew up just south of Denver in Colorado Springs, CO at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. He pursued a degree in chemistry from Colorado State University. As a junior and senior, he studied in the Shores group preparing thin film semiconductors and inorganic dye complexes for dye-sensitized solar cell applications. It was here that he found a passion for inorganic chemistry and decided to attend graduate school. He departed the mountainous lands of CO and made his way to the sandy beaches of CA. He obtained a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry after working in the Borovik group studying non-covalent interactions in high-valent metal-oxo complexes. From here, he left the beaches of southern CA for the "beaches" of Lake Michigan. He completed a postdoc position at the University of Chicago in the Anderson group studying Co and Ni complexes bound to multi-dentate NHC ligands. In 2020 during unprecedented times, the Hill group began at Auburn University...

Graduate Students


Joined the Group Fall 2020

Project: Metal-Ligand Cooperativity

Hometown: Jacksonville, AL

Bachelor's: Jacksonville State University 2016

wmh0020 'at'

William "Matt" Hollingsworth


Joined the Group Fall 2020

Project: External Electric Fields

Hometown: Gadsden, AL

Bachelor's: Jacksonville State University 2020

vab0021 'at'

Victoria Beck


lcl0019 'at'

Joined the Group Fall 2021

Project: Metal-Ligand Cooperativity

Hometown: Dothan, AL

Bachelor's: Troy University 2019

Chase Ledbetter


Joined the Group Spring 2021

Project: Metal-Ligand Cooperativity

Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Bachelor's: University of Sri Jayewardenepuara 2018

wpw0015 'at'

Pamodya Weerasuriya

Undergraduate Students

Dylan Ledbetter - Senior (Joined FA '21)

Working with Matt on the synthesis of a tri-amide ligand for binding phosphorus and studying Fe(II) and Ni(II) metal complexes.

Sidney Dassinger - Junior (Joined FA '22)

Working with Chase on the synthesis of new phosphinine ligands and their metal complexes.

Former Members

Kallan Blakemore - (Current Senior, AU)

Worked with Victoria to prepare linkers for electrode surface modification to study electric fields in catalysis.

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